just the two us we can make it if we try

just the two us we can make it if we try

Sunday, May 23, 2010

FIll so sick and lost

I have never felt so sick I don't no what's wrong with me my whole body fills like Shit I can't sleep still can't eat I fill like my body is closing down. I fill so lost I have lost the best thing that ever happen to me and its so hard I just can't help myself I am still testing her when she told me to give her space its just so hard I keep having dreams that are not helping I never had such bloody dreams its really scaring me I have a new way of looking at life I never saw it this way and its killing me I miss my family I had they where every thing to me Jordan lalia axel foxy Bruce Chevy tony Rachel the whole family I just wish I would of pulled my head out of my asa sooner I could of really made a big impact. I fill like I never did what I should of the first time I also have this killing pain in my head and stomach that will not go away. To some it all up I just should of done what I am doing now getting help things would of Ben so different I will always have a place in my heart for Jordan and her family for ever and always.

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