just the two us we can make it if we try

just the two us we can make it if we try

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

What hurts the most

Well where to start after being with jordan since 05 tell now i had chance after chance to prove to her i would not lie to her and i did over and over why did i not just get my shit together before i lost her for good she was the love of my life i wish i would of done what i needed to do to get help. jordan has done so much for me and so did her family i really hade the best girl in my life she worked hard in school went to collage and what did i do bearly get through high school and if it was not for her i would not have she did every thing for me why could i have done what i did for so long. now i have lost the best thing that ever happen to me i hope one day we could be friends.

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