just the two us we can make it if we try

just the two us we can make it if we try

Sunday, May 16, 2010

The little things in life

I miss all the little things in life like always having the one person you could always talk to about any thing, having some one be so in love with you they could pluck your eye brow, having the most beautiful girl in your life that would do any thing for you, having the family you always wanted in life not ever thinking it was possible, going on walks in the mountains and exploring the world i miss jordan and lalia so much i never thought i would lose them they were every thing to me and i had to keep lieing and learn the hard way i have never saw life the way i have in the last week its ben the hardest thing i have ever done. i wish there was a way to show her i can change i know it takes time i just miss having the one person to hold in my arms i have always loved her and always will i just hope true love can help me out she is the girl in all my dreams i will never forget the time we met she was liseing to blink 182 and i new she was my type of girl i never new she would of ben the love of my life.

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